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One thing that SendinBlue can never get to as compared to GetResponse is age and experience. GetResponse started in 1998, and now it has experience in digital marketing and email automation for more than two decades. It was made by a polish teen boy who wanted to make a lasting impact on online marketing through email marketing.

The tagline of GetResponse is the “world’s easiest email marketing software to use.” It has stood by its stance as it has a very easy and simplified user interface. It has simplified autoresponders, sending emails, making lists, online surveys, and newsletters.

And that’s not all! GetResponse has made itself a compact marketing solution over the years. It is an amalgamation of CRM and online marketing consisting of email marketing, sales funnels, webinar hosting, and landing pages.

It has made great progress over the years. It has 350,000 users all across the world in 182 countries. To add to that, almost 1 billion people subscribe to GetResponse every month!

The Main Features of GetResponse User-friendliness

Talking of free plan usage, unfortunately, GetResponse offers just a free trial of 30 days as compared to the permanent free package of SendinBlue. After a free trial, it will cost you $10.50 minimum to use it for longer.

Talking of the free trial, the free trial plan offers you to try all the tools entirely before you buy one for yourself. The user interface is very smooth. You will find every tool organized and in its place. It makes the users quickly get accustomed to it. The tools are easy to use, especially when using them in custom mode.

On the whole, you will not find GetResponse difficult to use. You can import contacts, build campaigns, and all that stuff easily. What might be a bit challenging for you is the automation tools usage.

Email Marketing Campaigns

GetResponse is also very user interactive as SendinBlue, but the thing is that it might not be as easy to use for beginners. But it is quite accessible when you are once familiar with it about email marketing tactics.

Once you learn how to use it, you can do more with it than just basic emails. GetResponse has tools for welcome transaction emails, abandoned cart emails, email newsletters, and other such email marketing options. How you want that email, you can change it by using dynamic tools or A/B testing.

Design And Templates

GetResponse is the same as the SendinBlue. It also combines the editor with templates to let you make your custom email. However, GetResponse has more variety of templates than SendinBlue. It has more than 500 already built templates. They are in different colors and layouts. You can choose what you think will best suit your needs.

This wide range of templates allows you to use a unique layout for every campaign. It will keep the audience engaged.

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